Additional Information


RCAR became aware of Sadeek through the Johnston County Animal Control of North Carolina on July 21, 2009.  Sadeek had been dropped off at a local horse farm with a note from his owners saying they "couldn't afford to feed him anymore" but he was "great to ride".  Upon intake we were horrified that anyone was riding him in that condition!  Sadeek was lethargic, parasitic, dehydrated and unstable on his own hooves.  We gingerly transported him about an hour away to Dr. Covington and Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital where he spent the next 7 days with intensive care and we all hoped and prayed he had a strong enough will to pull through.  A couple times during that initial week it was strongly considered and suggested that he be euthanised but that look in his eye prevented the decision.  Sadeek gained strength and ability each day.  

When he was strong enough he took the 4 hour trailer ride (provided by Smart N Savvy Horse Transport) to RCAR where he again rested up and spent several more weeks in recovery (pic in Aug - his first 5 mintues in a grass paddock).  On one of his short free walks in a grass paddock Sadeek took a few strides at a trot (scaring his attendant for his instability but he loved it!).  

When he was even stronger, Sadeek was then transferred to Amethyst Acres Equine Center Buchanan VA to spend more rehabilitation with Mark and Debbie Burke who instantly fell in love with him and adopted him!

A special thank you to all who donated to help cover Sadeek's rescue and rehabilitation costs!  He is alive because of you!

Happy Ending

Sadeek Found his Happily Ever AFter in the loving hearts of Mark & Deb Burke of Amethyst Acres Equine in Buchanan VA.  Though Sadeek has since passed on from this life we are thrilled he knew love and care!