Recurring Monthly Donation

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Every Dollar truly ads up in helping us save and change lives every day!  If each of our followers would setup a recurring monthly donation of just $1 it would make a huge difference in how we can operate the rescue farm and support our rescues!  Having a budget of monthly money helps us plan, save and accomplish goals and projects.  Please consider being one of our DOLLAR ANGELS!

You CAN Help


Setup Recurring Donation

Setup Recurring Donation


Foster Homes provide Rescue Animals a safe haven while awaiting forever adoptive homes.  As a Foster you may qualify for the expenses spent on your foster animal(s) to be taken as a tax deduction!

Setup Recurring Donation

Setup Recurring Donation

Setup Recurring Donation


When we never know what donations are coming it makes it VERY HARD to Budget!  Monthly recurring donations help us be able to plan for regular costs and try to save for emergencies!


Setup Recurring Donation

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 You can SPONSOR anything!  Pick a particular animal that pulls at your heart and sponsor them monthly or yearly.  Sponsor a bale of hay, bag of grain, medication etc.  Your sponsorship is tax deductible!

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SHOP at Amazon

SHOP at Amazon


When you shop, they donate a small % to us for every purchase at Smile.Amazon!  

You must set us up as your Preferred Charity - one time and you're set1



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Can't donate yourself financially? 

Help FUNDRAISE for us!

  • Plan an Event
  • Have a Yard Sale
  • Have a Bake Sale
  • Contact Local Businesses or Restaurants for tips to be donated to RCAR etc.

SELL on Ebay

SHOP at Amazon

SELL on Ebay


Have old items laying around the house or barn that you don't need?

Sell them on Ebay and choose the % you want to be donated to us!  Its a Win-Win!  You get rid of clutter and you help Rescues!


fundraise on fb

Pick a special animal in our rescue you want to help, a special need we have, in leiu of bday gifts or other occasions ask for donations or....just because.  Whatever the reason FUNDRAISING ON FACEBOOK is one of our biggest supports from our fans!


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Planned Giving


Leave a Legacy A gift, to Rugby Creek Animal Rescue, Inc (RCAR), from your estate will help insure our rescue efforts while providing substantial benefits to you and your heirs.

Honorary or Memorial Honor a special person or animal with a memorial gift to RCAR.  Helping an animal in need is a great way to allow the memory of someone special to live on.

Matching Gifts Many companies have matching gift programs which can multiply your gift amount.  Ask your employer if they will match your contribution and remind them that their matching gift is tax deductible!

Life Insurance You can benefit RCAR in a large way by designating RCAR as your beneficiary on an old life insurance policy that is no longer needed.  You could receive income tax deductions for this gift (check with your tax accountant/attorney).

Bequest Through your will, when you decide to leave assets to a charity such as RCAR you are making a bequest.  Your estate would receive a charitable tax deduction at your death when the gift is made to RCAR.

Retained Life Estate You can make a gift of your personal residence or farm, to charity and retain the right to live on the residence/farm for the remainder of your life.  In this way you would receive a tax deduction immediately for the gift and RCAR would be able to use or sell the property at your death.

Charitable Lead Trust The trust would make payments, a fixed amount (annuity trust) or a percentage of trust principal (unitrust), to charity (RCAR) during the trust's term.  At the end of the term, you can choose to have the principal go back to you (grantor-lead trust) or to your named heirs (non-grantor lead trust).  If choosing a grantor lead trust you would receive a charitable income tax deduction or if you choose non-grantor lead trust you could receive a charitable gift tax deduction.  Non-grantor lead trusts are more commonly used since lead trusts are designed and used primarily for passing assets to heirs.

Gift of Stock You can make a gift of investment assets or stock, such as mutual funds, can provide you tax savings while helping provide RCAR with needed support.