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Feather's Future Plan

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In Short, This Little Mare has been a Survivor of more than any soul should endure.  We are hoping to raise funds to send her to a very special trainer for 120 days to help her trust people and to receive an education to help her become a horse that can have a full life!/

Feather was turned over to our rescue in Feb 2018 from Animal Control & the Sherriff Deputy in charge of the case.   During Feather's ordeal, her first human handling was the end of a cattle prod shocker, being hereded onto a large trailer with her herd, stressed out not knowing where her baby was and how to protect her baby.  This type of handling continued for the next 3 weeks where she was shipped in inhumane conditions from WV to Ohio, run through an Auction, bought by a Kill Buyer, shipped to TX, awaiting shipment to Mexico for slaughter, then saved at the last night, stayed in TX for a week then shipped back to WV under inhumane conditions again - all while trying to feed and protect her baby.  She arrived back in WV then humanely shipped to rescue in VA where she finally was able to rest with her baby in peace and receive the start to her rehabilitiation.

Here are the basics of her story as we know it.

She was one of a 39 horse cruelty seizure in Jan 2018 in West Virginia.  The herd of mostly Appaloosa horses were in a hoarding and neglect situation.  Many had died on the farm and some were still alive but had to be euthanized on the farm.  39 were removed from the farm by Law Enforcement.  The herd was put in the care of a local horse trader, since the County didn't have a place to put that many horses.  The trader shipped and sold the herd at an Auction in Ohio - this was done without the consent of the County Law Enforcement.  Many concerned rescues and individuals helped the Officer in charge track down and save as many as possible.  Feather and a group 13 others were apparently sold to a "kill buyer" at the Ohio auction and shipped on a livestock hauler to Texas, during the trip one horse died on the trailer.  They were scheduled to be shipped to Mexico but the Officer from WestVirginia located them and deemed them "stolen goods" on Sunday night so their shipment to Mexico on Monday was halted!  The horses remained in holding at the kill lot in Texas for a week.  They received only basic meager care while there.  Though our rescue advocated for the horses to be handed over to TX rescue's the WV Sheriff Office required them to return to WV.  Against our wishes they had the killl buyer transport them back, during that return trip another horse died on the trailer.  When they were unloaded in WV, they remaining survivors were immediately turned over to our rescue.  We immediately had the herd seen by a Veterinarian and receive medical care.  All the horses were rehabilitated and adopted throughout the next year except for Feather.

Unknown to us initially but realized upon settling in at our Foster Facility in WV - Feather had a foal (baby) that had endured the entire ordeal with her and we reunited them.  Feather and her baby Skyy came to our farm in VA to continue their rehabilitaiton.  Upon acquiring good health and age, her baby was eventually weaned and put into a foster home.  Feather remained at our rescue farm for further emotional rehabilitation.

After 4 months at Rugby Creek Rescue, through a grant with the HSUS, Feather was sent to a trainer close-by just to learn to be touched and wear a halter and respond to learning to lead.  Her  session there did accomplish her learning to wear a halther, lead and tie - however it did not gain any of her trust, in fact she was more reactive and scared.  

In the winter of 2018 we received a donation and sent her to a Mustang trainer nearby.  The goal was....see if she is reachable....if not we will make the hard decision to let her go.    This trainre was able to "reach Feather" and had her accept his presense and changed her fight and flight to curiousity.  So she was "reacheable".  The funding ran out and Feather was brought back to the rescue farm.  But we saw progress!  Her eyes had a softer and more inquistive look rather than a terrified look!  She had started to think us humans might not be so bad after all.

Feather has spent 2019 here at our farm, learning to be a happy pasture horse!  She plays and frolicks with her friends and comes to the gate when they do.  We have had a few learning sessions with her throughout the year and she really does TRY and wants to Trust but it will take consistancy to break through this last wall she has.

We are planning, WITH YOUR HELP, to send Feather to Shelby Cheyenne Horsemanship as soon as the funds can be raised!  Once we have half our goal we will send her and start her training.  SCH has offered a discount if we do 120 days and honestly Feather needs that much time in one consistant period to really break through!  This will enable Feather to have a full life, enjoy the love and care of Humans and to hopefully become a riding horse with an unlimited future ahead!  Will you be a part of Changing her Life?!

Feather is a 7 year old Dun Appaloosa Mare. She stands about 15hh and does have the ability to have full ApHC registration papers if the future.

Shelby Cheyenne Horsemanship

SCH has graciously offered to donate one month of training for Feather!! We still need to raise $3000 to give Feather a full 120 days of training and a trip to Indiana to SCH.

At SCH, our philosophy is simple, give your horse a solid foundation and he will give you everything he has. The SCH program includes high quality feed, plenty of turn-out time and an individual approach tailored to suit each horse's unique needs. We encourage clients to take advantage of a weekly lesson designed to give you a hands on involvement with your horse's progress. d read more. Pull out the most interesting detail that appears on the page and write it here.