Beckah the Beagle

Beckah was an owner surrender in December of 2018.  She presented with extreme pain, muscle atrophy and paralysis from the mid spine through the hindquarters.  Her outlook was bleak but there was a longing in her eyes and we wanted to give her a try!  With weekly Acupuncture, multiple Laser Treatments and Physical Massage and Therapy, Pain Management and Anti-Inflammatories combined with Chinese Herbals...…… Beckah was up and playing within 6 weeks!

Be an angel for Beckah

Beckah has continuous medical treatment needs to keep her healthy active and living.  Please consider making a one-time or monthly donation to help us support her!

  • Monthly Acupuncture
  • Monthly Laser Treatment
  • Monthly Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Daily Chinese Herbals (3 of them)
  • Daily Anxiety Medicines (1 of them)

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Would you welcome Beckah into your heart and home?

Sitting down to write an ad for this special Beagle girl....I am at a loss for the words.  She embodies so much life and love that you truly have to meet her in person.   Beckah  is one in a million kind of special!  Her eyes will quickly connect you to the very core of your soul, they are full of knowing, full of mischief, full of love.  Her heart will easily and completely capture your heart in an instant.  Her vibrant and pure joy of simply living, being, breathing and existing will give you the same appreciation for the same that you are blessed to wake up with every day!  

Being around  Beckah  daily is happiness.

Beckah  is a full Beagle, around 25lbs and about 3-4 years old.  She was an owner-surrender this past December.  She was very skinny, in extreme pain and paralyzed in the hindquarters and atrophied back legs due to 3 herniated spinal disks (origin unknown but questionable).  We accepted Beckah  and instantly saw her will to try and live. Long story short.....she received Laser treatments, Chinese herbal medicines, pain killers, massage/range of motion therapy and weekly Acupuncture.  Results = in less than 6 weeks this baby was running!   

Over the past 6 months she has been in a foster home so we could determine who level of care and need.  All in All  Beckah  is quite easy and enjoyable to have in your life.  She enjoys doggie siblings and enjoys playing however she needs a playmate her size or smaller so they don't accidentally hurt her spine while playing.   Beckah  loves to play dragster on the porch and make fast quick spins with a few bouncy hops.  She has figured out her own special "gait" that works for her hindquarters and its super cute to watch her move.  She is also a lazy hound gal that loves her naps and comfy soft doggie beds.  She loves being a part of your daily routine and thoroughly is in love with people.  She is a full Beagle so you have to watch your kitchen food access and trash can lol.   Beckah  does require a fenced yard as if she gets out she is lightning fast and loves to play catch-me-if-you-can...but its hilariously funny.   Beckah  is seeking a new foster situation as her current one doesn't have the right setup for her during winter and as it is approaching in a few short months we need to find the next special person/family to help her along her journey and be blessed by her presence in your life. 

Beckah 's ongoing needs: *She HAS to remain on Chines Herbals for life!  They are easy powder that goes over her food and she gobbles it up!*She MUST receive Acupuncture on a regular basis (about every 6-8 weeks)* She is mobile and gets along just fine by herself.  Her main residual issue currently is that she doesn't really know she has to potty until it happens.  Usually she knows to go outside and having a doggie door to the yard is very helpful so she can go out to potty when needed.  However there will be times that she has accidents and you will need a flooring in your home that will allow for easy cleanup.  Sometimes its days in between accidents and other times its a few accidents a day. We are seeking a long-term foster/adoptive situation for  Beckah .  Even if you are interested in adopting  Beckah  we want you to start as a foster first and make sure its a good fit.  Her best match would have no other dogs or dogs her size or smaller.  She needs a home where her person is home a lot (either retired or works from home) .  She loves kids but due to her previous spinal issue and needs - a home with older children is best (no young/little kids).   

As a foster pet we will continue to provide the funding for her medicines and acupuncture.  She is one special little soul and we anxiously await the next chapter in her journey and look forward to introducing you to  Beckah ! 

If you are interested in meeting

 Beckah  please contact us today!


Beckah Video

Beckah enjoys playing....napping....chewing on bones...rubbing her head on things...wagging her long tail and most of all...just "being with you".