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Special Stories


Angel's story began when a visitor to our farm saw a small black/tan beagle limping alongside the road, the visitor turned back to find and help her but she disappeared.  About 2 weeks later we were driving down a road in the general same area and found a small black/tan beagle in the ditch dragging a front left leg.  It appeared to have been caught in a trap and had been untreated.  We immediately took her to a veterinarian who explained she had gangrene and that the leg would need to be removed, we took her to Dr. Johnson in Boone NC where he amputated her right front leg to save her life!

Angel lived a very full life here at RCAR.  She never let her 3 legs hinder what she could do!  She was fast on the trail of something and when the trail took a turn, she would just tumble roll and jump back up and off she'd go again!  Angel had a smile, a sparkle in her eye and an adorable hitch in her get-a-long.  She loved everyone!   Angel was humanely euthanized the summer of 2009 due to stomach cancer.  We miss you Angel!


A couple of kids noticed other kids from the community out playing in the woods.  They were tossing something back and forth so the kids went up to see about playing with them.   It was a small kitten in a zip lock bag!!!  Horrified the good kids ran for an adult who promptly took the kitten away and brought her to us.  Martina was a loving queen of the home & farm until her peaceful passing at about 18 years old.


A lady called us to see if we would accept a goat.  Her husband raised them and she was afraid for the life of one of their does.  The doe had been injured in a front leg up on the mountain and instead of calling the vet her husband had strapped the goat down and cut the damaged part of the leg off!  Though it had healed the goat couldn't keep up with the herd very well and she feared she would be injured again or killed.  The goat was also very afraid of people and she wanted her to be a safe place.  Yes, we accepted, "Stumpy".  Even after years of TLC here at RCAR, Stumpy is still shy of people...but we can't blame her knowing what she went through!  She will live out her life. omen how was afraid for her after a man had cut off Stupies front leg when she had come in from the pasture injured. The women delivered Stumpy to us for care and love. She has recovered very well and is enjoying her life at RCAR with Doodles and L.B. as pasture mates. To this day even with lots of love and care Stumpy is still shy of humans but we don't blame her.  She is welcome to be-bop around the mini pasture for as long as she wants in peace and safety.


Nora was donated to our rescue because of nerve trauma to her head and a resulting paralysis.  When she arrived in Oct 2007 we immediately noticed that her right eye could not blink or tear which had resulted to her suffering from multiple major ulcerations to her eye.  The pain associated was so much that Nora would stiffly move her head/neck about and would hide from sunlight and attention.  Within a week after her arrival we had scheduled surgery to remove the eye at DCLAH.  Only a few days post-op even a stranger could notice how happy and lively Nora was and that she was thoroughly enjoying life, pain free!  She still has paralysis of the right side of her face from the poll/ear down to her lip.  She is content with a peaceful life and loves attention.  This beautiful, sweet and gracious mare is a 16.1 hh, approximately 9 year old Friesian X Lusitano!  Nora is has an adoption pending and will be living in Illinois!


RCAR became aware of Sadeek through the Johnston County Animal Control of North Carolina on July 21, 2009.  Sadeek had been dropped off at a local horse farm with a note from his owners saying they "couldn't afford to feed him anymore" but he was "great to ride".  Upon intake we were horrified that anyone was riding him in that condition!  Sadeek was lethargic, parasitic, dehydrated and unstable on his own hooves.  We gingerly transported him about an hour away to Dr. Covington and Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital where he spent the next 7 days with intensive care and we all hoped and prayed he had a strong enough will to pull through.  A couple times during that initial week it was strongly considered and suggested that he be euthanised but that look in his eye prevented the decision.  Sadeek gained strength and ability each day.  When he was strong enough he took the 4 hour trailer ride (provided by Smart N Savvy Horse Transport) to RCAR where he again rested up and spent several more weeks in recovery (pic in Aug - his first 5 mintues in a grass paddock).  On one of his short free walks in a grass paddock Sadeek took a few strides at a trot (scaring his attendant for his instability but he loved it!).  When he was even stronger, Sadeek was then transferred to Amethyst Acres Equine Center Buchanan VA to spend more rehabilitation with Mark and Debbie Burke who instantly fell in love with him and adopted him (see Dec picture)!

A special thank you to all who donated to help cover Sadeek's rescue and rehabilitation costs!  He is alive because of you!

Sadeek is a teenage Arabian gelding.




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