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"Nora is such an amazing mare!  She is absolutely the sweetest thing.  Totally easy to approach in the pasture.  Very easy going int he barn. SUPER clean about her stall.  Easy to handle in all aspects. I am falling head over heels in love with her.  Thank you so very much for choosing me to be Nora's partner!

This handsome senior QH gelding was basically left to fend for himself and in pain from untreated Navicular.

Now he is being loved and cared for at, a non-profit Therapeudic Riding Center in Raleigh NC.  The are fundraising for the money to get him a much needed neurectomy at NCState Vet School

Please contact them if you would like to donate to help this special horse become pain free and continue helping children!


Gizzy & Princy

Relying on each other to survive; now they love their new "little girl" and loving family in NC
Lakota Malnourished and lonely; she is now loved and has buddies, living in TN
Ranger Now living out his retirement with some pasture buddies nearby RCAR here in Virginia
Rain Sold  (good fundraiser!) Now living with a wonderful lady in Virginia!
Natala Hungry, Cold and Unwanted. 
Now loving and fat in Virginia
Kora Never touched by a kind hand
she spent 3 years rehabing at RCAR Now living a peaceful life
adopted in TN
Ivy out they A surprise to her rescued mom (above) now living in a great home in Virginia
Shanine Hungry and unwanted, she was the diamond in the rough!
Sold (great fundraiser) to
GA - wonderful Parelli home
Lady When no one else wanted her, Carol saw a need - now "Lady" has blossumed and has years left!
Foxy Living the life of easy with
"Lady" (above)
Dew Drop Adopted by a wonderful
family in Virginia
Kyloes Orphan Annie Currently being fostered in
gorgeous Asheville, NC
Tank Born to a rescued momma, he's growing up with friends under Judyne's loving care in NC
Henry Lost his teammate, getting older, sold off at auction-destined for slaughter....he's now in NC living the easy life with Terra & Aaron!




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