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Wish List

Wish Lists

Automatic Heated Waterers - $36.99/each

  • 6 stalls at the Senior Barn
  • 10 stalls at the Main Stable
    $36.99   -  Heated Rubber Water Buckets @
    Or nice options at Ramm Fencing & Bar-Bar-A
  • 5 paddock/pasture Waterers
    We have a cost-share grant to help with these waterers but still must come up with our portion for each one


Load of Gravel (2 would be most useful) $600

Would be used in high traffic areas and is DESPERATELY needed after the last couple of RAINY months!


ATV Attachments

Can accpet and use any and all ATV attachments!  We have a Honda 4wd ATV and could do SO MUCH more around the farm with attachments!
Snow Blade ~ PTO hitch ~ Front Bucket ~ Anything and everthing that could/would hook to an ATV!  

Hay Conveyer or Motor

We have an old hay conveyor but need the motor parts for it or if someone had an old hay or x-mas tree conveyor they wanted to donate!


2Wheeled - Wheel Barrows                 AND                Manure Forks

We can ALWAYS use these!!!!                        New or USED (in good working order)!!!


Cat & Doggie Doors

Desperately need 2 cat doors before winter sets in!

Can use different sized doggie doors, from small to large as well!


Stall Mats
Interlocking 12x12 stall mat kit - from Tractor Supply - $299/kit

We eventually need 8 kits


Manure Spreader

We are in desperate need of purchasing a manure spreader donated!  This will help fertilize our pastures, prevent flies and prevent parasites!

This is a small version 25-35 bushels....$1800+
We can also use a regular farm size, used spreader just as well!  $800-1200 on average.







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