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Farm Projects


Dobby's Dog Kennels
 We need 250 compassionate animal lovers to donate $10.  Will you be one of the special 250?  Its less than $.35/day - and you can help save hundreds of lives!
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  • We have been networking/partnering with MMAHR & Partner's Canines to pull dogs & puppies destined for death at high kill shelters in the High Country of North Carolina and surrounding counties.  Every 2 weeks NorthShore Animal Rescue League sends their Muttigree Express Van down to ship saved souls back to NSAL where they are fixed and adopted to loving homes!  

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    Some of these dogs/puppies are also sent to Raleigh NC and adopted through MMAHR as well!  Our purpose here at RCAR is to serve as a quarantine facility where the dogs/puppies can come to safety and await their 2 week period where they are dewormed, vaccinated and receive other health care as needed before their transport to a forever home.

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    We are primarily a horse farm/rescue but through this networking just in the past 8 weeks we have been able to save approximately 10 puppies and 2-3 adult dogs each month!  We are working in make-shift conditions and need YOUR HELP to BUILD KENNELS where we can SAVE MORE!

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    In honor of a puppy named Dobby (read his story here) we want to build these kennels as a memorial to him where we can continue to save lives!  PLEASE HELP US HONOR DOBBY AND SAVE LIVES!

    The project will be in 3 phases:

     *Phase One = $2500 = By Oct 15th, 2013
      Grading, Prepping, Pouring, Finishing Concrete 40x13'
      (this helps keep the kennels clean and easier to disenfect with quarantining dogs

     *Phase Two = $1500 = By Nov 1st, 2013
      Installing posts/framework for roof and add the roofing and gutter system
      (this will provide shade when needed and protection from bad weather when needed as well - it will help keep dogs healthier during quarantine)

     *Phase Three = $1500 = By Nov 15th, 2013
      Building and installing dog houses inside the barn for added warmth and shelter
      (we have very harsh winter weather at our location and to continue saving through the winter we need to build these dog houses/boxes inside the barn with attached d oggie-doors to the outside concrete kennel runs, this will help keeps dogs warm and healthier)

  • The finished project will offer:
    2) 10x10 dog lots
    2) 5x10 dog lots
    2) 7x10 dog lots

    How you can help with this project!
     * Donate! Every $5 really truly adds up!
     * Give a Gift Card!  We can use gift cards of any value to: Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Tractor Supply, PetSmart and more!
     * Share! The more who here about what we are trying to do, the wider network are, and hopefully more donations for a quicker project finish time to save more lives!
     * Fundraise! YOU can hold a fundraiser for this project!
            - Have the youth club serve tables at a restuarant
            - Sell hotdogs/bbq and benefit our rescue
            - Have a dog-walk in town/park and benefit our rescue
            - Have a trail ride/poker ride and benefit our rescue
            - Or any other great fundraising idea!

    Donations made be tax-deductible!  
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    You can make a donation here at our website via paypal or mail a donation!

    Mail To: Rugby Creek Animal Rescue, 1314 Rugby Road, Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363





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