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Old Doesn't Mean Thin

Some dogs have a problem with being too thin. Some of these dogs even eat a lot of food but do not seem to gain weight because they are probably not absorbing the nutrients in their food. The way to tell if your dog is too thin is by running your fingers lightly over your dog's rib cage. If you are able to feel his ribs slightly, than he is fine, but if you are able to feel the grooves in between his rib cage your dog is too thin. Of course after discovering this, you will want to know what the cause of this is, and start by giving him an increase in calories. There are several things that can cause a dog to be underweight, some of these include parasites, underfeeding and disease. If you discard parasites and disease than the solution is simple; just give your dog more food. Increase his intake little by little. Don't over feed him, as he is not going to become plump immediately. One thing you could do is to try feeding him several times a day and make food available to him whenever he wants. Leave him a bowl of something always out so he can go munch whenever he wants.

Make up a chart so you can record your dogs progress on a daily basis. Remember that this progress should be slow and steady. Once your dog has acquired the wanted amount of weight you will be able to cut down on the amount of food you are giving him.

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