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R.I.P. Minnie


RIP "Minnie"  (2011-2012)

It is with deep sadness that we must inform you, "Minnie" was humanely euthanized. Though we only had her for 6 months we are pleased to say that through those months and her will to live she was able to enjoy

y LIFE! Recently, even with several veterinarians and special farrier care, helping to keep her going - her body just couldn't handle the changes it was going through. She was again having difficulties getting up, was laying down a lot, her joints were causing issues and then her respiratory system was compromised. She took a turn for the worse overnight and was in a lot of discomfort and pain; it was in her best interest we be able to free her from the bonds this earth held her to. Minnie is now free to play as much as her heart desires in the pastures of Heaven with a healthy and pain-free body! Run wild baby girl, run wild!

**For us to be able to help Minnie pass on it cost $340. The vet cost was $240 and we buried Minnie in the pasture she shared with her buddy Celtic, that charge was $100. We do not have these funds sitting in the account and had to charge these costs - please donate! Every $5 helps!



4-10-12 UPDATE

Minnie weighed in this morning at 311 lbs!  That's a 116 lb increase over the past 9 weeks!
She is still working hard on her way to total health and though each day she makes positive steps and is doing better she is still having some issues getting up consistently.  She lays down a lot and rests but now can also be seen playing in her paddock!

Please continue to DONATE for Minnie!  Her costs are $200/month!  That's $6/day!  
But every $10 donation adds up quickly and your support means the difference in her life!


"Minnie" was brought to our rescue today (1-30-12).
Her owners sought our help, realizing they could not meet her medical needs they released her into our care.

Intake Health Notes:
Presented as a 10 month old filly (twh x tb).
She weighs in at barely 200lbs
Stands 48" tall
Under her thick coat of hair her body score places her about a 1.5
*Parasitic (lice present, most likely encysted strongyles as well) 
*Lethargic & Weak

Initial Intake: 1-30-12

Minnie is receiving B12, Selenium, Red Blood Cell Builders, Lice Treatment, Electrolytes, Pro-bios, Nutri-Drench currently
In the next couple of weeks we will have vaccines given, fecal tests done and other dewormers given.  She may also need a blood panel workup.

$62.00   *Supplement/Nutrition/Healthcare Costs for Week #1
$85.00   *Bloodwork for week #1
$65.00   *Supplements/Nutritions/Healthcare Costs for Week #2
$25.00   *Other costs for week #2

$165.00 *Projected costs for her care Week #3 & #4






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